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John Dempsey

The Old Asians Clap
The Old Asians Clap
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Bailing Water
Bailing Water
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John Dempsey - Bio

I've been writing since four,
horribly fast and dirty things
that made me smile.

My first poem was about
bugs. Special bugs!
They would crawl into my mouth and
ears at night. They would fill my head
with wild ideas . . .

my teacher called me disgusting,
sent me to the office, I

That was over 20 years ago - I still laugh


a one-man outfit,
based in NY,
to work the Word.

I just kinda bounce
along latitudes, looking
for a little empty space

hope You enjoy
hope it makes You think
maybe even
act - but right now

- intro the action - hit the lights - scene 1
Take 1
and (wait a minute, let me get my drink) ACTION!

John Dempsey was born in Cairo, Egypt. He came to the United States in 1980 and now resides in Long Island, New York. John currently earns his living as a technical consultant for businesses in Manhattan as well as free-lance writing.

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