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Lisa Shields

The Infinite Charm of Firefly Glow
The Infinite Charm
of Firefly Glow
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Lisa Shields - Bio

I was born (the youngest of four children) in 1960, in Jersey City. New Jersey has been my home for most of my life.

My first attempts at poetry blossomed when I was in 7th grade. Words fascinated me and poetry became my niche.

I attended college at Rowan University. While in college, I hosted a community affairs radio show; edited the literary magazine Avant; and was a featured writer in most of the university's major publications. During my senior year, I received the Ester Bovard Medallion for excellence in creative writing.

I married Charles Shields in 1987. In 1991, I was blessed with the birth of my daughter, Desiree Angelique.

The constants in my life have been poetry, and a passionate desire to be a positive influence. I have learned that even under the worst circumstances, the human spirit soars in search of hope, truth and love. If that sounds overly romantic, I make no apology.

May you know kindness, fortune and love for all of your days, and may you always be touched by the Infinite Charm Of Firefly Glow.

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