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Lisa Shields

The Infinite Charm of Firefly Glow

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The Infinite Charm
of Firefly Glow

by Lisa Shields

This collection of poetry is Lisa's first published book. In these pages you will discover honest and insightful views of life and emotion that embrace every moment with clarity, honesty, passion and sometimes humor.

Lisa spares her readers no blushes. Her poetry is often sensual, always thought-provoking and presented in a way that brings most readers to wonder if Lisa is writing about their own feelings, beliefs and life experiences.

Lisa finds her poetic inspiration in every quarter and corner of life. The cycle of birth, life, love and death is given its full due; in non-abstract simplicity woven into prose, and occasional verse.

Lisa possesses that rarely seen ability to warm your heart, raise your body temperature and leave you smiling long after you've put down her book.

Paperback • 6x9 inches • 215 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-9711072-6-7
ISBN 10: 0-9711072-6-2
LCCN: 2005921732

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