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Two selected poems from:

Covered Ground by Tony Spivey


These fading images on yellowing paper
conjure up thoughts of simpler times,
now revered in my memory.
Instances devoured by insatiable
appetite of time.
Forever pressed into the infinite
dimensions of space;
behind the mirror of life.
Gone . . . like you now.
Retained in the essence
of we who loved you.
Ours only briefly,
for time is relentless.
It calls us all.
We who are destined
to become a memory
told to generations unborn
and then, forgotten.
Except for a name
on a cold, weathered stone.

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It is sad to be undone
as if the soul were a button
by one loose red thread
above the distance to black stillness.

But it is always your fingers,
your eyes, your lips
that unclothed me
to walk naked in the fires
of remembering.

Always your sighs
that mold me on a pedaled wheel
where plainness turns
up its nose to guilt and regret.

What would there be
in less of you,
but too much more
of me?

And it is your night song
that threads these eyes
from spools of images
longer than the span of time.

Always your gate
that swings open
one step beyond
the tumble of this fall.

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Covered Ground - Tony Spivey

Covered Ground
by Tony Spivey

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Covered Ground - Tony Spivey