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Covered Ground by Tony Spivey

June 6, 2003
Reviewer: Melissa

Tony Spivey is an incredible poet. I have been reading as much of his work as possible on the Internet for almost three years. There has not been one; not one poem that did not make me feel his words to the very depths of my soul.

If there can be a poet for other poets to look upon as a peer, a writer, and an inspiration who encourages his readers to grow and expand . . . that poet is Tony.

Tony's book Covered Ground, is amazing. I wish I had the words to describe it much better than this. But words are not my strength, they are Tony's.

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March 5, 2003
Reviewer: Kelly Hall
Long Beach, California

To take a walk on Covered Ground is to look through the proverbial looking glass to find a haunting, beautiful, humorous, passionate ride through a myriad of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I thought, I loved.

Amazing lines popped to paint delightful portraits in my mind?s eye . . .

From Once:
I once knew the sound of purple
and the taste of mercy on palms
that taught me how to speak
without eyes.

And Quantum Kisses In The Ethereal Garden
Dainty white flowers without a name
turned into love me knots
that tied me to the ground
that I might see blue in a lighter shade
surrounding the dance of your hair.
Hair of copper wisps, fingers of the breeze,
that played my face like a game.

A Steinbeck quality flows through the simple, yet profound verses of Old Jill, Dad and Me, On Highway 43 and yes even Toothpaste & Underwear.

Tony Spivey speaks from the heart of a generation presumably lost in the middle, yet right on track. Direct hits resound from every stanza, every beat of the word. Having read poetry from his students as well, not only supports his amazing talent, but restores my faith in the future of the art. I am proud to have my poetry alongside his on an online poetry board.

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Covered Ground - Tony Spivey

Covered Ground
by Tony Spivey

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Covered Ground - Tony Spivey

January 24, 2003
Reviewer: Lisa Shields
East Windsor, New Jersey

As the owner of a poetry board website, I invite submissions, and read a LOT of poetry. You read, and cull, you comment. A lot is written that is just dull. But I live for the moments when something utterly breathtaking shows up. And I learned long ago that if a poem takes my breath a way - truly makes me feel, or think - most likely Mr. Spivey's name is on it. The mastery of the craftsmanship is unmistakable. There is a "give" to Spivey's work, a softly spoken diorama of what is. The wording is deceptively casual. Spivey draws you in and there you stay.

This is poetry for the common man, written by an uncommon one. It is a marvelous mosaic of eloquence, personal truth, and the introspection of one life willing to speak the words behind the days we have known, but rarely consider. Tony's poetry about his military service, about friends lost in conflict and war, take us to a new level. He gives us the dignity of those who served; reminds us gently of those who were lost, as if the price of his own survival was to give voice to others so they are not forgotten beyond the granite that carries their names.

Not content to leave it at that, Spivey waltzes us into Just for Me . . . a battleground memoir. In our smug electronic age, can we appreciate the pathos of a final letter, written by a man who faced his death with calm - thinking last only to find the words to keep his wife for a lifetime? Spivey takes us there. Makes us feel the ink and the unshed tears of a hero.

He touches at love as a man humbled that it could be for him - dazzled - amazed. First Kiss is a small time machine, that will remind us of our own - a small capsule of sweetness and wonderment.

Through this man's words, the world takes on new shadings. And when done, you will not even know that you have been gently pointed to one understanding - that each day is it's own gift, and we, the merely mortal have much to give. I warn you though. To see the world from this man's eyes and words will make you question yourself. Tony will make you count your blessings, as he does his own. And he will do it with a tapestry that flows leaving you hushed before the stained glass window of one man's soul.

So if you only buy one book of poetry, and you want it to be one you will take down again and again - a volume you will read to pieces and someday have to replace - I suggest Covered Ground by Tony Spivey . . . maybe the first step in making poetry grand again - noble, brave, and true.

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January 17, 2003
Reviewer: Sylvia Spivey
East Dublin, Georgia

I walked through the house
out the back door
sat on the step
and cried.

All of his life was caught
for the world
to know
and feel.

The joy he had felt,
fun he had known,
love he had given,
love he had received,
sadness borne,
happiness relished.

There it all was
in black and white
page after page
with his name on the cover.

A journey he had traveled
a long and lonely trip
keeping his eyes on
the light he felt

There in my hands was
my son's poetry
so wonderful
just as he is.

Covered Ground it read
and I cried.

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Covered Ground - Tony Spivey

Covered Ground
by Tony Spivey

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Covered Ground - Tony Spivey