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About Iriswhite Media

Iriswhite Media was founded in early 2002. In September that year, Iriswhite released its first book, One Hour Before the Dawn by Rod Walford. In November 2002, Iriswhite introduced its website.

Iriswhite Media was acquired by Webstatic Enterprises, Inc., (A North Carolina Corporation) in January 2005. Iriswhite retains its original identity and operates as a subsidiary company of Webstatic.

Iriswhite combines traditional book publishing with the benefits of print-on-order technology. We operate essentially like a traditional book publisher, carefully screening manuscripts for quality content and then publishing those manuscripts our editors believe will find wide consumer appeal.

Our books are printed using modern print-on-order technologies and book distribution models. Books are stored electronically and printed one or more at a time as purchase orders are received. Printed books normally ship within 72 hours of order receipt.

Iriswhite obtains ISBNs and PCNs; designs and formats the books; publishes the books in paperback, e-book or hardbound media; and makes the books available for sale at popular online book vendors like and, and also many of the other websites owned by Webstatic Enterprises, Inc.