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Frequently Asked Questions

About Iriswhite

Q: Is Iriswhite a vanity publisher?
A: No. Iriswhite is not a vanity publisher. We do not charge writers to publish their books and we are extremely selective when deciding which manuscripts to publish under the Iriswhite imprint. We screen and publish selected manuscripts based on content, quality of writing and market potential.

Submitting Manuscripts

Q: How many unsolicited manuscripts may I submit?
A: There is no limit to the number of unsolicited manuscripts you may submit but the manuscripts must be sent one at a time, each in its own submission packet. Read more about manuscript submission packets in our Author's Guide.

Q: Can I submit a manuscript for consideration if it has already been published by another traditional publisher or on the Internet?
A: Yes. You must own the copyright and publishing rights to the work you submit for consideration.

Q: Do you accept manuscripts written in foreign languages?
A: No. At the present time, Iriswhite will only publish manuscripts written in English. We can not publish English translations of foreign works due to potential copyright complications.

Q: Is a reader's fee required with a submission?
A: No. Iriswhite Media does not charge a reader's fee for unsolicited manuscripts.

Q: Will Iriswhite critique my manuscript?
A: No. The Iriswhite editors do not provide critiques or other types of evaluations of submitted manuscripts. When manuscripts accepted for publication need correction or revision, those adjustments are coordinated with the authors on a case-by-case basis.

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Iriswhite Authors

Q: Do I have to pay any fees for my book to get published?
A: No. Iriswhite pays all of the costs to process selected books into print media. Profit payments on the sale of each book are paid beginning with the first copy sold. Iriswhite authors receive 80% of the profit from the sale of each book. Authors are encouraged to assist with the marketing and publicity of their books, but Iriswhite requires no author fees for publication, marketing, publicity or contests and review processes to which Iriswhite submits published books.

Q: How long does it take to get my book published?
A: Books are normally published within 45 to 60 days of manuscript acceptance.

Q: What formats are my book published in?
A: Books are published in paperback book format and (in some cases) hardbound or e-book format. The book must already be published in paperback or hardbound book format before Iriswhite will create and/or publish an e-book version.

Q: Will Iriswhite Media market or promote my book?
A: Iriswhite promotes and markets the book jointly with the author. Iriswhite makes the book available for sale at sites like Iriswhite also promotes and sells the book through the Iriswhite and selected sites belonging to Webstatic. Iriswhite strongly encourages its published authors to become involved in the promotion and marketing of their books.